Watch Movies Online Free? There are several films that do not have copyrights and with that, we can bring you no problem here. Are they old movies? -Yes! But they are Classics and worth watching. Check out.


     Watch Movies Online Free? We have separated 10 Classic Movies for you to watch in the comfort of your home. They are Public domain films, that is, free films. Therefore, you will not pay anything to watch, however, they are old films and most of them are subtitled. It is impossible to put films on release because they are very expensive. So much so that even millionaire Streaming platforms like Netflix take time to put up! Enjoy the Movies, everyone is at their maximum definition!


     Nosferatu is a 1922 German film, in five acts, directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. The script is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, albeit with changed character names and places, as the writer's heirs did not grant producers permission to adapt the work. Prosecuted for copyright infringement, the court ordered the destruction of copies of the film, but some of them, among the many already distributed, remained in storage until the death of Bram Stoker's widow and are now available in restored versions.

     The film had a remake in 1979, Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht, directed by Werner Herzog. The feature tells the story of Count Orlok, a vampire from the Carpathian Mountains who falls madly in love with Ellen and brings terror to her town, Wisborg. Nosferatu is considered one of the first representatives of the horror genre in cinema, in addition to his visual conception having a strong influence on the genre. At the same time, with a demonic protagonist and his disturbed character, the work is considered a faithful representation of the cinema of the Weimar Republic. Imdb


     The use of new didactic resources in the teaching-learning process is of fundamental importance to obtain more dynamic and interesting classes. Films related to the applied content is an effective methodology, as students are able to view the content in relation to the film. To address the content referring to the Taylorism and Fordism production models, the film Modern Times, starring Carlitos - classic character of Charles Chaplin, is ideal to be worked together with the theoretical material. Modern Times is a film that portrays urban life in the United States in the year 1930, demonstrating the modes of industrial production based on the division and specialization of work on the assembly line.


     Humiliated by his foster brother, Heathcliff (Laurence Olivier) becomes a rich man seeking revenge. At the same time, however, the rebel has a great passion for Cathy (Merle Oberon), sister of the man he wants to kill and who, during the years he was away from England, married the noble Edgar (David Niven).

     The book written by Emily Brontë has already had several adaptations for the cinema. The best known are The Wuthering Hill (1992) and Wuthering Heights (2011).

     OSCAR: Won Best Photography - Black and White Nominations Best Film Best Director - William Wyler Best Actor - Laurence Olivier Best Supporting Actress - Geraldine Fitzgerald Best Screenplay Best Soundtrack Best Art Direction.


     Synopsis: The production was made during the period of the Second World War and presents a veiled Nazi propaganda, using the tragedy to place the British as villains, despicable people and in character. The film tells the heroic misadventures of Herr Peterson (Hans Nielsen) a German crew member aboard the Titanic, who tries to convince those responsible for the ship to slow down to prevent a tragedy from occurring.


     Levada da Breca - SYNOPSIS: David Huxley (Cary Grant), a paleontologist with a scheduled wedding, is going to play golf in order to please his opponent and facilitate the donation of $ 1 million to the museum where he works. Until he meets Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn), a rich heiress accustomed to having everything she wants, but completely inconsequential. Susan decides to marry David, but to keep him at her side she uses every possible resource, turning the peaceful man's life into an endless succession of problems.


     The Kid (1921) - Synopsis: A single mother leaves a charity hospital with her newborn son. The mother realizes that she cannot give her son all the care he needs, so she holds a note with the child, asking whoever finds him to care for and love his baby, and leaves him in the back seat of a luxurious car . However, the vehicle is stolen by two thieves, who, when they discover the baby, abandon him at the bottom of an alley. Without knowing anything, a tramp takes his morning stroll and finds the baby. Initially he wants to get rid of the child, but several factors always prevent him and gradually he starts to love him. At the same time, the mother regrets and tries to find her son again, but when she finds out that the car was stolen she has a shock, as she will most likely never see her child again. Rotten Tomatoes


     The Great Dictator - Synopsis: Adenoid Hynkel (Charles Chaplin) takes over the government of Tomainia. He believes in a purely Aryan nation and starts to discriminate against local Jews. This situation is unknown to a Jewish barber (Charles Chaplin), who is hospitalized due to participation in a battle in World War I. He is discharged, even though he suffers from amnesia about what happened in the war. As a Jew, he is persecuted and needs to live in the ghetto. There she meets the washing machine Hannah (Paulette Goddard), with whom she falls in love. The lives of Jews are monitored by Hynkel's guard, who has plans to take over the world. His next step is to invade Osterlich, a neighboring country, and to do so he is negotiating an agreement with Benzino Napaloni (Jack Oakie), dictator of Bacteria.


     Directed by George Romero, it is an independent 1968 horror film in black and white. Ben (Duane Jones) and Barbra (Judith O'Dea) are the protagonists of a story about the mysterious resuscitation of recently killed individuals, and their efforts, along with five other people, to survive the night while trapped in a farmhouse in the rural Pennsylvania.

     George Romero produced the film with a budget of $ 114,000, and after a decade of cinematographic re-releases, grossed about $ 12 million domestically and $ 30 million internationally. On its release in 1968, Night of the Living Dead was heavily criticized for its explicit content. In 1999, the United States Library of Congress registered it with its National Film Registry as a film considered "historically, culturally or aesthetically important".

     Night of the Living Dead had a major impact on American culture from the Vietnam War era, as it was fraught with criticism of society in the late 1960s; a historian has described it as "subversive on several levels".


     The Cowboy - Synopsis: A lonely young man with no money, no friends, is traveling west in search of fortune when he falls off the train, in the middle of the desert. He manages to get to a farm, where he is hired to take care of the cattle, the Brown Eyes cow is his favorite. He falls in love with the farm owner's daughter, who gives him the task of transporting a herd to Los Angeles.


     The plot revolves around the Vagabundo, again with no money and nowhere to live, and a young and poor blind florist with whom he falls in love. The girl mistakes him for a millionaire and, in order not to disappoint her, the tramp pretends to be rich. Subsequently, he prevents a drunken millionaire from committing suicide and, due to his heroic act, they become great friends, but always when the millionaire becomes sober he no longer remembers the tramp or what happened while he was drunk.

     The bum discovers that the girl's rent is late and that she and her grandmother are at risk of being evicted from their apartment. In order to get money for the girl, he starts working as a street sweeper and even as a boxer in a comical boxing competition. Eventually, the millionaire, again drunk, gives the tramp a thousand dollars who will pay not only the rent, but also an operation for the girl's eyes. Unfortunately, the tramp is unfairly accused of stealing money when the millionaire became sober. The tramp manages to get away with the money and, when he gives it to the girl, he says that he will go away and that he will be away for a few months. Soon after, he is captured and sent to the prison.


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