10 Best Quotes by Santos Dumont about Life


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Who was Santos Dumont?

     Santos Dumont designed, built and flew the first airship balloons with a gasoline engine. This merit is guaranteed to him internationally by winning the Deutsch Prize in 1901, when he flew around the Eiffel Tower in his airship No. 6, becoming one of the most famous people in the world during the 20th century. With his victory at the Deutsch Prize, he was therefore also the first to complete a pre-established circuit under the official witness of experts, journalists and the public.

     Santos Dumont was also the first to take off aboard an airplane powered by a gasoline engine. On October 23, 1906 he flew some sixty meters at a height of two to three meters with the Oiseau de Proie (French for "bird of prey"), at the Campo de Bagatelle in Paris.

     Less than a month later, on November 12, in front of a crowd of witnesses, he covered 220 meters at a height of six meters with the Oiseau de Proie III. These flights were the first homologated by the Aeroclube de France of a heavier-than-air aircraft, and possibly the first public demonstration of a vehicle taking off on its own, without the need for a launch ramp.

Santos Dumont was often wronged by the Wright brothers, who claimed that they were the inventors of the planes, and it was Dumont who made them fly.

Famous Quotes by Santos Dumont:

  • "The atmosphere is our ocean and we have ports everywhere!"

  • "Inventions are, above all, the result of stubborn work."

  • "I don't want to take away the credit of the Wright brothers, for whom I have the greatest admiration; but it is undeniable that, only after us, they dissipate with a device superior to ours, saying that it was a copy of one that was built before ours."

  • "How many times have things proved impossible to me! I'm used to it now, I hope. But back then, it bothered me. Still, I persevered."

  • "Not every good student is a good teacher."

Quotes by Santos Dumont about life:

  • "Inventing is imagining what no one offers; it is believing what no one has sworn; it is risking what no one has dared; it is realizing what no one has tried. To invent is to transcend."

  • "I am willing to offer, in a contest, a prize of 10,000 francs for the best work on the interdiction of aerial machines as a weapon of combat and bombing."

  • "The war of the future will be waged by means of fast air cruisers that reach inaccessible heights, and bombing in their way forts, armies and their ships."

  • "I take this opportunity to thank the press around the world for the sympathy with which they captivated me and, above all, for the 'Air Idea'. It was thanks to this that stimulus prizes were instituted and the inventors' brains set to work for the improvement of the aircraft, until we could, in 1918, have airplanes and airships that seem to be the result of a millenary evolution."

  • "I've always believed that the inventor must work in silence; strange opinions never produce anything good."

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