20 Best Quotes about LGBT Pride to Reflect


     20 Best Quotes about LGBT Pride. Tumblr Messages, Excerpts, Thoughts Phrases and Quotes on Love for Status. Couple, trans, discreet, funny and famous. For all tastes.

What does the acronym LGBT mean?

     LGBT is an acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. In use since the 1990s, the term is an adaptation of the acronym LGB, which began to replace the term gay in reference to the broader LGBT community from an example in the 1980s.

     The acronym has become popular as a self-designation, and this, as well as some common variants, tends to function as an all-encompassing term for minorities of sexual orientation and gender identity, being adopted by most related centers on these minorities and in media. communication in the United States as well as some other Anglophone countries.

     The term is also used in some countries, particularly those languages that use acronyms, such as Argentina, Brazil, France and Turkey. The acronym LGBT can refer to any person who is non-heterosexual or non-cisgender, or outside of gender norms by their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or sexual characteristics.

LGBT Quotes. Share this Pride!

  • "The best thing about coming out of the closet is that no one can insult you by saying what you just said."

  • "Stonewall was, of course, the first time that the LGBT community has successfully fought and formed an organized movement and a community."

  • "Being born gay, black and a woman is not a revolutionary act. Being proud of being gay, a black woman is."

  • "Your judgments about someone else say more about your own character than about the character of the person you're pointing the finger at."

  • "You don't have to be gay to be a supporter, you just have to be a real human."

  • "We must, in fact, remain calm in the face of differences and live our lives in a state of inclusion and in awe of the diversity of humanity."

  • "The richness, beauty and depths of love can only be fully experienced in a climate of total openness, honesty and vulnerability."

  • "Love requires expression. It will not stand still, be silent, be good, be modest, be seen and not heard, no. It will burst into tongues of praise, the high note that breaks the glass and spills the liquid."

  • "There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in."

  • "There will always be enemies. It's time to be yourself."

LGBT Quotes and Thoughts to Reflect:

  • "The next time someone asks you why there are LGBT Pride marches or why Gay Pride month is June, tell them, 'A bisexual woman named Brenda Howard thought it should be.'"

  • "If you help elect more gays, it will give everyone who feels disenfranchised to move forward."

  • "Let's start to love our neighbors, as Jesus said. Without dogmas and prejudices. It's time to accept the human being as he is."

  • "From a religious point of view, if God had thought that homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gays."

  • "We have to do this because we can't be invisible anymore. We have to be visible. We shouldn't be ashamed of who we are."

  • "To be fully seen by someone, and to be loved in any way, this is a human offering that can border on the miraculous."

  • "I'm a young bisexual woman and I've spent a large part of my life trying to validate myself to my friends, my family, to myself...trying to prove that who I love and how I feel is not a phase."

  • "You look ridiculous if you dance. You look ridiculous if you don't. Then you can dance too."

  • "Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it's a good place to start."

  • "What I preach is: People fall in love with people, not their gender, their looks, anything. What I'm in love with exists almost on a spiritual level."

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