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     Robin Hood Quotes: The 10 most incredible, striking and longing phrases of Russell Crowe. Excerpts, Quotes and Motivational Phrases! Hood, Maid, Sir, Prince John and several others.

Robin Hood Movie:

     Robin Hood is a 2010 British-American film from the genres of adventure and action drama, directed by Ridley Scott, with a screenplay by Brian Helgeland, Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris based on the legend of Robin Hood.

     In 1199, Robin Longstride (Russel Crowe), an archer who participated in the Crusades in the service of King Richard the Lionheart (Danny Huston), is convicted of rebuking the king's war decisions and flees alongside João Pequeno (Kevin Durand ), Will Scarlett (Scott Grimes) and Allan A'Dayle (Alan Doyle) for England. On the way, they confront Sir Godfrey (Mark Strong), an English soldier loyal to France, who received the mission from King Philip 2 (Jonathan Zaccai) to kill Ricardo, without knowing that he is already dead.

     After escaping Sir Godfrey, Robin and his men decide to steal the armor of English nobles killed by the soldier. One of them, Robert Loxley (Douglas Hodge), asks Robin to hand over his sword to his father, Sir Walter (Max von Sydow). Robin agrees and, using Loxley's identity, arrives at the village of Nottingham, where he discovers that, with the death of Richard, his younger brother, Prince John (Oscar Isaac), became King and ordered Sir Godfrey and Nottingham sheriff (Matthew Macfayden) collect unfair taxes from the people. 

     What he doesn't know is that Godfrey intends to manipulate the indignation of the citizens of Nottingham and start a Civil War in England with the aim of allowing the French army to invade and dominate the country.

Robin Hood Movie Quotes:

"Every minute lost in discord accelerates destruction."

"It's time to fight for the ideals. The time for pretending is over."

"I once heard a wise man say that there are no perfect men, only perfect intentions."

"Fight and fight, until lambs become lions ..."

"In times of tyranny and injustice, when the law oppresses the people, the outlaw takes its place in history."

Robin Hood Famous Quotes:

"A wise leader allows men to look you in the eye. To hear your voice."

"Without taxes, without tithes, nobody is rich, nobody is poor. Just portions at the table of nature."

"The forest is friendly to outlaws."

"Whining at the door will not do."

"It is very expensive to govern a country ... everyone has to pay their share."

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